Spirulina platensis algae grows in a spiral pattern, typically of 5-7 twists. It is one of the most known marine algae. It is spread in tropical. subtropical waters. with high carbonate content and relatively alkaline pH around Africa, Asia, Mezo-and South America.

It is important to mention that humanity have used great organisms of marine red, brown and green algae for thousands of years as fertilizer, nutriment, medical use. furthermore today for cosmetics as well.

Main components:

C-phykocyanin (blue coloring. not containing Magnesium), Chlorophyll (green coloring. containing Magnesium), cca 50 % Protein (thus rich in Amino acids including Essential Amino acids), Polysaccharides with high molecular weight (such as Spirulane Calcium salt), Sulpholipids. y-linolenic acid (nearly I %). l3-carotine, and other Carotinoids, Vitamin B.D. E

Spirulina helps to cease the symptoms of malnutrition caused by illnesses. also helps with recovery, and metabolism disorders (abnormally high blood lipids or blood sugar), supplementary treatment in tumor therapy, treatment of conditions with inflammation. and reduces inflammations. Also reduces side effects of medicaments, also protects liver-, kidney- and heart, prevents infections. and reduces symptoms of respiratory diseases. It is good to mention, that in many cases Spirulina is combined with other types of algae, most often a very quickly reproductive and common eype, one of the Chlorophytes phylum, called Chlorella vulgaris, green algae.

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