Ginseng (Panax ginseng)

Ginseng is the most honored herb of the Asian Continent. Perennial, herbaceous plant it is, native in the mountains of North-East China, and also in Northern areas of the Korean Peninsula. Traditional Medicine uses the roots, both red and white depending on producing procedure.

Main components:

2-3 % Triterpensaponine ginsenosids, 0,05 % essential oils (with Limonene, citral etc. content), Polysaccharides (e.g. Cellulose, Panaxan, Ginsenan), Poliacetylens (Falcarinol, Panaxinol, Panaxadol, Panacatriol), Peptidoglycans.

Ginseng root is found in VIII. Hungarian Pharmacopoeia, and also the 6th European Pharmacopoeia, as officially listed herbal drug, with legally proven healing effects as follows:

  • adaptogen (non toxic. enhancing the body’s resistance ability against a number of stressors, fet them be biological, physical, and chemical)
  • regulator (normalizing body functions – reducing overreactions and en-hancing underactive functions
  • toning and enhancing physical stamina
  • stimulates the central nervous system
  • helps reduce exhaustion occurring from physical and mental distress, and helps recover memory
  • enhances non specific resistance in the body
  • enhances RNA – protein synthesis, and anabolic processes
  • influences sexual body functions, enhances sperm production, and libido, supports erection, without raising frequency of intercourse

Daily recommended dosage:

in short term use 1.5-2,0 g daily; in long term use 0,4-0,8 g daily recommended


Effects listed above refer to Ginseng as the herbal drug, and not to the DXN Coffee product itself! Ginseng is a well tolerated substance, side effects rarely occur.