DXN Civattino Coffee

dxn-civattino-coffeeCoffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and the world consumption of coffee is difficult to gauge due to the constant increase in coffee consumption trend. Coffee’s success as a beverage undoubtedly owes to both its aroma and ability to bring sensory pleasure. Hence, billions of people worldwide have greeted their morning with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee for a chirpy and energetic day.
In line with the increasing coffee consumption trend, there are many brands that have been developed and DXN too is among one of them. DXN has manufactured various types of coffee products since 2004, and you may experience different roast and freshness of the coffee from these products.

Recently, there is another unique coffee product that was introduced by DXN which is DXN Civattino Coffee, a civet coffee. Have you ever heard about civet coffee? Civet coffee is a type of coffee that is made from undigested coffee beans which were excreted whole in the droppings (excrement/ poop) of the Asian palm civet (cat). It is recognized as the world’s most expensive coffee due to the uncommon method of producing and the “special” nature of the coffee.

DXN Civattino Coffee is different from other civet coffee in the market as it is made from 100% premium fermented coffee beans, which were fermented in the same enviroment as in a civet’s digestive tract. It has a satisfying deep pleasant aroma besides giving mouthful sensation of a smooth and mild flavour.

In addition, DXN Civattino Coffee is free from sugar and creamer, has less caffeine and calories compared to other instant coffee powder in the market. This allows you to add sugar, cream or milk for your preferable flavour without worrying about the sweetness of the coffee. Hence, it is an ideal choice for people from all walks of life.

For convenient and smart way, you may prepare the DXN Civattino Coffee by using DXN Espresso Kettle. With only ONE touch on the selected Mode, you may enjoy your aromatic hot coffee while you are busy with other aspects of your life. If you would like to have coffee on the go, you may pour DXN Civattino Coffee into DXN OTG Mug too.

Kick start your day or recharge after lunch with a cup of DXN coffee; will definitely boost your energy for the long day ahead!