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In today’s consumption of this potent product, DXN is the world’s largest producer having over 6 million daily consumers in 180 countries.

A brief Introduction on DXN

About DXN Ganoderma Mushroom & Spirulina

ganoderma-ganodermaThe Ganoderma Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum) contains nearly 200 alimentary substances which have positive effects on our body. One of those ingredients is Organic Germanium which is one of the most healing substances in Nature. The Ganoderma Mushroom is a virtuous plant therefore not containing side effects which weaken the body after long term use. In fact, this type of mushroom improves your immune system and helps the body heal itself more rapidly.

Scientific research has confirmed the many positive effects of Ganoderma on the body including the purification of the bloodstream, blood circulation as well as improves cell quality.  It will strengthen the immune system as well as enable your organs to function optimally.  Ganoderma has been proven to reduce the effects of poor circulation and maintain a healthy body.

The two-way effect of ganoderma, that it can increase or decrease blood pressure, may sound strange. Since ganoderma hamonizes the body's functions, enhances the natural self-healing ability, can strengthen the immune system. About Ganoderma »

Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae which is full of life-giving nutrients such as protein, beta carotene, chlorophyll, antioxidants, minerals and other important nutrients that our body needs. It is also known as one of the best alkaline food, which helps to change weak acidic body condition to a healthy alkaline one. About Spirulina »

Cordyceps is medicallyconsidered one of the most important species of the Cordyceps genus, which consists of more than 400 species. It grows above 3000 m in the cold, marshy and snowy areas of the mountains of China and Tibet. It contains abundance of nutrients and bioactive compound such as cordycepic acid, cordycepin, amino acid, glutamic acid, polysaccharides, vitamin B12 and many more. About Cordyceps mushroom »


dxn-companyWith its headquarters in Malaysia, DXN lives by certain guiding principles in its day to day operation, these are; “One Dragon”, “One World One Market” and “One Mind”.  DXN is dedicated in following through with all aspects of its business model from Cultivation and Processing all the way to the actual marketing of its Ganoderma enriched products direct to its consumers.  This process has granted DXN global acclaim for its state of the art management system, research and development as well as the highest of quality products on the market today. DXN is the 25th biggest direct selling company in the world. About DXN »


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